Study says 10% of daters still expect the man to pay for the first date

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HOUSTON, TX - Social media and online dating have totally changed how men and women go out. But when it comes to paying at the end of a date, are men still traditionally picking up the tab or are money matters turning more modern?

According to a study from California State University, only 10% of hetero "daters" expect the man to pay for everything on the first date. That's seems to be a pretty low number of folks who feel guys should forking over some cash. But then again, this seems to be a "left" coast survey and things might be a little different here, on the Gulf Coast. Relationship couch Nancy Pina says, "Because we are in the south, it's expected that the men pay. It's not anything to read into, but men generally pay. It's just a sign of i want to take you out, i want to treat you."

The study also says younger folks who consider themselves liberals or feminists, expect the person who did the "asking-out", to pay for the date, even if that person is the female. Pina says, "If a career woman really wants to pay for the date, she can offer to pay, and I think men feel really grateful that you've taken into consideration that a date does cost money. He most likely will not take you up on that offer, because he wants to impress you."

Surprisingly, the survey also says 10% of daters are looking to go 50/50 on a date. But experts say going "splitsy" the first time, is not a good way to score a second date, even if you are Dutch! So, modern times might be upon us. but when it comes to dating, it's the men who are still expected to drop the ducets!