California police get rough when arresting a teen for jaywalking

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STOCKTON, CA - A video taken at Stockton, California's Downtown Transit Center shows a police officer's interaction with a juvenile that some are calling an excessive use of force.

Witness Edgar Avendaño posted the video on Facebook, along with what he says happened.

"The kid got stopped for 'jaywalking' when he barely stepped out of the bus he was 2 feet away from the sidewalk when the cop stopped him for 'jaywalking,'" Avendaño wrote. "The cop was telling him to take a sit but the teen kept walking to his bus but the cop kept grabbing his arm & the kid took off the cop's hand off his arm so the cop took out his baton & that's when I started recording because everything happened too quick. He didn't have to hit the kid with the baton & no need to call about 20 cops. And as you can see his body cam is on the floor. Smh."

Mayfield's family has filed a formal complaint with the Stockton Police Department.

"If people would just comply with the lawful orders of a police officer and definitely try not to grab or take any of our weapons, force would never have to be used," said Stockton Police spokesman Officer Joseph Silva.