Hot guy at the GOP Debate revealed

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SIMI VALLEY, CA -  While listening to the Republican candidates debate became a snooze-fest for many, tweeters only had eyes for one dude, who quickly became known as #hotdebateguy. According to several who lit up social media, the hot guy is the only winner in Wednesday`s debate.

While flattered by his new nickname, 24-year-old Greg Casruso prefers to be known for a few other accomplishments. such as he`s an aspiring film maker from Los Angeles. He graduated from USC and where he walked on as a safety after being a star quarterback in high school. And his dad is a billionaire real estate developer.

That`s right, he`s hot and rich!

Now, we don`t know Caruso`s relationship status because he ain`t sayin` and you won`t find him on Facebook or Twitter. But he does post on Instagram, though, about his documentary, 'Making the American Man.'