League City store monkey quarantined after biting child

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LEAGUE CITY, Texas - Monkey see, monkey bites.  But when a monkey bites a child… that's big trouble even for the man in the yellow hat.   On Saturday, September 5, on Labor Day weekend, a Capuchin monkey bit a 4-year-old customer at a popcorn shop in League City.

"The kid grabbed the monkey's tale and the monkey fell," said Robert Williams, owner of Ms. Monkey's Emporium.  "So, the animal grabbed hold of the kid on his leg and bruised him, because he just wanted to be let go.  We looked at the child and there was no break to the skin."

The store opened in 2013, and kids from all over have been coming to play with the monkeys ever since.

"My kids love the monkeys," expressed customer Kassandra Acuna.  "They've already played with them before… the monkeys have sat on their laps and jump around and they really enjoy it."

But things got out of control just once, and the episode could potentially put the shop out of business.

"Right now the business is just kind of in limbo," Williams lamented.  "Unfortunately, we don't get a lot of business without the monkeys."

After the bite, the mother took her son to a pediatrician for an urgent checkup.  A few days later, the doctor filed a complaint with the animal control board in League City.  "So we had to quarantine them," Williams confirmed.  "A little bit unfairly because these animals don't live around other animals and they have their full shots."

For 30 days, and in accordance with state laws, the monkeys will not be allowed to interact with children; and whether or not things get to return to normal at Ms. Monkey's Emporium is yet to be determined.  "Our number one concern is the safety and welfare of our citizens," said Matt Maggiolino, League City assistant public information officer.

In the meantime, Williams said he would be grateful if customers keep coming until the monkeys can get back out.  Monkeys in contact with children?  Sometimes, it's hard to know which creatures are the wild ones.