Obama Nobel prize didn’t meet expectations, says former director of Nobel Institute

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OSLO, NORWAY – It might be an understatement to say many folks were surprised when President Obama received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2009, considering he had been in office less than a year.

Now the former director of the Nobel Institute is adding to the controversy.

Geir Lundestad writes in his memoir, “Secretary of Peace”, that the president’s peace prize failed to live up to the committee’s expectations, adding that even Obama rarely mentions it.

This is turning out to be an interesting week for the president.

Not only is his questionable Nobel Prize being questioned, but 13-year-old CJ Pearson is taking him to task in a YouTube video for inviting to the White House 14-year-old Ahmed Muhammad, that Muslim kid who got into trouble when his school thought his homemade clock was a bomb.

We should mention that Pearson is the national chair of “Teens for Ted” Cruz, which backs the Texas senator’s run for the White House.

Then, there’s Donald Trump and those questions about Obama’s religion and citizenship.

They came up during a question from a guy at a Trump rally in New Hampshire.

Trump is catching flack for not disagreeing with the guy, but considering Trump once sent private eyes to Hawaii to find the truth about Obama’s birth certificate, the Donald may find that he may have trumped himself on this issue.