NC woman discovers she’s ridin’ snaky down the interstate with a copperhead in her car

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CHARLOTTE, NC – If there’s one thing worse than finding snakes on a plane, it’s finding a snake in your car. Just ask Beckie Kistler of Charlotte, North Carolina who found a Copperhead in her car.

"I look out of my peripheral vision and here comes the snake.  He gets to about right here and I guess I did a double take and one of these.”

And if that wasn’t scary enough, she was going 70 miles-per-hour down the interstate.

“I had a split second where I thought you can probably survive a snake bite, but there's no way you're going to survive a wreck."

Even though traffic was busy, she pulled off the highway and dashed out of the car.

A police officer arrived and found this tiny Copperhead rolled up inside the glove compartment.

Local snake experts say they only get a handful of calls about the deadly Copperheads each year, and they rarely find them inside cars.

Kistler thinks the snake had been in her car for a week, ever since her last trip to the beach.

The upside to this is that she wasn’t bitten and now she can tell her friends about the time she went ridin’ snaky.