50-year-old time capsule a bust

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BAY CITY, MI - Imagine peering into a world, 50 years in the past. And what you see has been completely ruined.

Well that seems to be the case for a 1965 time capsule dug up in Bay City, Michigan. The John F. Kennedy peace capsule is mostly a water-logged mess. It had been in the ground since the Bay City centennial celebration, 50 years ago. It turns out burying things in the ground is actually one of the worst ways to preserve them and it shows just how badly a time capsule can fail.

A few of the keepsakes that did survive include a pair of boots, a coffee grinder, some ice tongs, and a few commemorative plates. The container wasn't even supposed to be opened for another 50 years until 2065. But its a good thing they opened it when they did, or who knows what would've been left.