Colorado middle school football team has kicker with no arms

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FORT COLLINS, CO - When it comes to soccer, it's expected for players not to use their hand; but when it comes to football for one middle school athlete in Colorado, playing the game without his hands is a real kicker.

That's because Jian Cohen has no arms, and he's kicker for his school, Lincoln Middle in Fort Collins, just north of Denver.

"I just think people look at me and say he needs help or something, and I just look at myself and say, I can do this by myself; and I do," Jian says.

Mark Cohen, Jian's father says, "I think it takes a lot of guts to go out there and do what he does. Unlike the rest of us, if he gets pushed down he doesn't have any hands to break his fall."

Leaving your footprint in history doesn't always have to be within arms reach.

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