Little girl’s catch with a Barbie fishing pole goes viral

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You see a Barbie Dream House,  Barbie car, and even a Barbie Kayak. Girls of all ages love Barbie dolls, and all of her accessories. Barbie is a real "catch." Just ask any red-blooded American male....doll.

First, Barbie reeled in Ken. But thanks to a little girl named Avery, Barbie is now "hooked" on a five-pound bass..

A video made by little Avery's dad has gone viral and on it you can hear his excitement and hers. Screams of, "Oh my gosh, Avery! Oh m y gosh!" And from Avery, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

If this tale sounds fishy to you, the video gone viral is proof that this really happened. Dad bought Avery her own Barbie fishing rod for their father-daughter fishing trip. And when the bass caught on Avery's line, they were not gonna let this be the one that got away.

"Reel. Reel. Reel, Avery! You got it?"

She got it alright, a 20-inch bass bagged all by herself.

Avery squealed with delight, "Yes....I got one. Finally!" Then, she gave dad a big high-five.

Way to go, Avery. Your "net" worth has just gone up!

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