Did George Zimmerman retweet photo of Trayvon Martin’s dead body?

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LAKE MARY, FL - Has George Zimmerman gone way too far? Like over the edge?

A photo believed to be of Trayvon Martin's dead body was re-tweeted believed to be from Zimmerman's Twitter account, therealgeorgez.

Someone else originally tweeted it with a mention of Zimmerman being "a one man army."

It wasn't long before it was deleted but not before it and the backlash went viral. Rapper Talib Kweli called Zimmerman out about the post, saying "let that sink in America."

Zimmerman dodged murder charges for fatally shooting the unarmed black teen in 2012 due to Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

If this really is Zimmerman's account, you'd think he'd take it easy with all the racial tension in the country since the; but that means he would have to care.

The firestorm on that Twitter account hasn't cooled down. Besides having a Confederate flag photo as the main profile photo, a meme posted of a black student in a classroom with his hand up has a caption that reads, "Teacher asked what comes after a sentence -- told her an appeal."

It doesn't stop there, there's even a photo manipulated of president Obama in Trayvon Martin's hoodie, also with a caption that doesn't sit well that reads, "If I had a race baiting president, he would look like this."

Thankfully, one man's views don't speak for the rest.

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