San Francisco ad offers bunk bed rentals for $1200

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - They say a good night's rest is priceless, but would you pay $1200 to share a bed with someone?

Maybe laying down with your celebrity crush might be worth it.  However, that's not what we mean in this case.

We're talking about sharing a bunk with a complete stranger.

Apparently, some roomies in San Francisco are just fine with it.  A Craigslist ad is looking for some takers to stay in a 3-story house with more than a dozen roommates, for as short as 6 months, or as long as 10 years.

Get this, the top 2 floors has 55 rooms offered as doubles and singles.  This mega crib is more like a college dorm.  It has 6 full bathrooms, 12 private toilets, 10 private showers and 1 girls-only bathroom on each floor.  For a whopping $1700 a month, you get your own room, while $1200 gets you a bunkie.

It has lots of amenities, too.  Wi-Fi, movie theatre room, a work room, and a ping pong table to name a few.  There are some pluses and minuses though.

Utilities are included; and so is toilet paper and soap to wash your clothes, with dry cleaning six days of the week.

Sorry, no pets allowed, but who needs pets when you get to live with a bunch of professionals who act like college kids?

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