Topless woman turns car in front of police officer using his cell phone

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Didja hear the one about the cop who was messing with his phone when he broadsided the topless woman?

It’s not a joke. It really happened. In West Palm Beach, FL.

And it was caught on the officer's body camera.

Cops say 53-year-old Cynthia Osborne had an open bottle of wine in her car when she turned in front of Officer Eric Everly.

But it wasn’t the wine Officer Everly saw after the crash.

He told witnesses he was seeing stars.

He also saw that Osborne was bare-chested.

We don’t know if the crash caused her top to fall down, or if she just likes riding topless.

We do know she ended up in jail for DUI, refusing a blood test, and driving without a license.

And we know the officer was fiddling with his cell phone seconds before the accident. It’s allowed by his department, but it also shows why you probably shouldn’t do it.

Sometimes, it takes more than a little bug spray, okay, a whole lot of bug spray, to kill a very determined and nasty spider, which brings us to our next story out of Center Line, MI, about a man, a spider, and a lighter.

A story we like to call: The Story of the Man, the Spider, and the Lighter.

An itsy-bitsy spider crawled up the gas tank spout.

Some guy, he, tried to burn the spider out.

Out came the flame and burned up all in sight.

And the itsy-bitsy spider ran off into the night.

The attendant at the Mobile station hit the automatic “off” switch, which kept the fire from spreading. The guy moved his car and returned with an extinguisher to kill the fire. At least he killed something. He told cops he tried to torch the spider because he’s deathly afraid of the critters.

From the looks of things, his friends and family should be afraid of him. And his lighter.

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