Autistic Missouri City teen found safe after running away

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MISSOURI CITY, Texas - A teenager with special needs who went missing in Missouri City has been found safe and sound a day later, following a widespread search.

"He went missing yesterday", said Missouri City Police Captain Paul Poulton.  "His last location was at his residence on Wildwood Ridge.  He was seen getting off the bus, going up to his front door, but apparently never made an entry.  He was reported missing seven hours after that."

16-year old Wilber Alexis Rivera suffers from autism.  Early versions of what happened referred to an alleged argument at home with his aunt, his guardian.

"I thought that was why he has run away", explained Yesenia Gonzalez.  "Because I told him that he didn't need to be going through my older daughter's stuff."

A full day went by with no news… until something wonderful happened.  Wilber was found near a supermarket.  He spent the whole night in a bathroom.  But the reasons he fled from home are nothing to celebrate.

"There were two kids bullying me at school", he said during an improvised press conference.   And the story gets much worse…

"They grabbed my neck", he expressed, "and they had two knives and a pistol."

Wilber is a student at Marshall High School.  Even though his aunt said it's not always easy to know what part of what he tells is real and what is a product of his imagination, they will go to school tomorrow to try to identify the aggressors.

"I guess watching when he goes from class to class and see who is bullying him", she explained.

These have been hours of heavy emotions for the whole family, and the road ahead is clearly not paved with roses.  But one thing is for sure:  "I'm glad to be back home and I love my family", Wilber concluded.  That's what matters most.