Bizarre double shooting in Oklahoma neighborhood

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MOORE, OK - A bizarre shooting in the middle of a street outside Oklahoma City, reportedly fueled by booze and drugs, ended with one man dead.

It started when neighbors saw Jason Morgan getting in a fight with a woman living across the street. The woman allegedly hit Morgan in the head with a cooking pot, witnesses say Morgan decided to retaliate.

His wife Tiffany tried to stop him. A neighbor remembers, "Tiffany tried pulling him away. He held her head down put the gun to the back of her neck and shot. There was no remorse He just looked at here and walked off." Neighbors say Morgan was out of control, drunk and high. Morgan then walked to the home across the street and fired one shot into the house. The homeowner heard the gunfire as well as him kicking on the door and shot back.

Police say Jason Morgan died on scene. As for his wife, Tiffany Morgan is alive but in critical condition. No charges have yet been filed againstĀ  the neighbor who killed Jason Morgan.

Among the 30 or so witnesses who saw what happened, Tiffany Morgan`s six-year-old son watched his mother's murder. Now his mother fights for her own life and the chance to raise the little boy that's bound to need a lot of love.