Extreme athlete Erik Romer dies during parachute jump in California

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SQUAW VALLEY, Ca – The world of extreme sports is reeling over the death of one of its stars, Erik Roner, who died in a parachuting accident in California Monday.

Roner was fearless in his leaps off of mountains around the world, attempting jumps no one else could, or would.

Roner made his last jump Monday morning, planning to arrive in style at a charity golf tournament at the Resort at Squaw Creek in Squaw Valley, CA.

His buddy Roy Tuscany watched as Roner crashed into a tree.

Roner had a profound impact on his hometown of Tahoe City, Ca.

Roner also had his whimsical side, like the time he used 90 helium-filled balloons to get Lifted in his lawn chair.

It may look routine, but as his death underscores, there’s nothing routine when taken to the extreme.