Harris County sues Volkswagen

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HOUSTON, Tx  - Amid the Volkswagen emission scandal, Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has filed suit against the automaker, alleging it fouled the air in Harris County.

"Vince Ryan, the county attorney, has put together the most powerful team of lawyers that we could find to not just throw the book at them, to throw the library at them, that is to say to 'get them' and that is what we're doing," said Terence O'Rourke, executive assistant to Ryan.

The suit stems from Volkswagen's admission it was dishonest about software it installed allowing cars to cheat on emission tests. Ryan's office thinks it's the first governmental agency in the country to sue Volkswagen.

On Tuesday the German automaker announced it will refit the software on up to 11-million cars to make them legal. Analysts say the course correction could cost them more than $6.5B.