Critter News: A flea market snake, an escaped monkey, and the owl and the fisherman

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HOMESTEAD, FL – Here at NewsFix, we spare no expense when scouring the globe to bring you the very best in critter news.

Dateline: Homestead, FL, where shoppers got more than fleas at a flea market when they found a Burmese python nesting in some clothes.

(Pardon me, but is that a snake in your jeans, or are you just happy to be here?)

Firefighers from Miami Dade Fire Rescue say the python was about seven feet long.

Python’s aren’t poisonous, and they’re fairly common around homestead this time of year when rainy weather and field work force them out of their snake holes.

Dateline: Sanford, FL, where a pigtail macaque monkey was on the lam.

His name is Zeek, and apparently Zeek doesn’t like to be caged. This is the second time Zeek has liberated himself.

Once out, Zeek made the most of his freedom. One neighbor spotted Zeek making a meal out of some mail.

They called the cops who stood around and watched Zeek monkey around until his owner arrived and put him back in his cage, ending this day’s monkey business.

Dateline: Austin, TX, where a fish story turned into an owl’s tale.

Fisherman Garry Olson, Jr., is known for his big catches, but the one he snagged on Lady Bird Lake is a feather in his cap.

He was fishing when an owl swooped down and got caught on his the lure.

It took the folks at animal control about an hour to get to him and the owl, which gave the two time to sit and visit.

A good story for Olson, but imagine the explaining the owl had to do when he got home late.

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