Florida woman arrested for riding a turtle

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MELBOURNE, FL – Hitchin’ a ride on a turtle isn’t quite as far-fetched as you might think.  About a hundred years ago, turtle riding was a sport in Australia, during nesting season along the Great Barrier Reef.

Folks would come from all over for the opportunity to straddle that hard shell and ride that sucker up and down the beach.

And since that took place in Australia, it makes the rest of this story a bit ironic.

It comes to us from Melbourne, Florida, not Melbourne, Australia.

Photos first showed up on Snapchat, then other social media, that appeared to show a couple of women ridin’ bareback on some turtles on Melbourne Beach.

Cops busted one of them, 20-year-old Stephanie Marie Moore.

This may not have been the first time she got her total turtle freak on. She had an outstanding warrant for turtle-related offenses from back in July.

Apparently she likes her relationships to go really slow.