Former Sheriff Garcia shows he still has got it as he catches suspect

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HOUSTON - Once a cop, always a cop, at least, that seems to be the case for former Harris County Sheriff  Adrian Garcia.

Chasing down suspects is probably not that easy, but when the mayoral candidate heard a car crash and saw a man running from the scene near his campaign headquarters, he simply reacted the way he always had: he ran after the guy.

After tackling the suspect, Garcia`s knee  was placed in the man`s lower back and they stayed just like that until police arrived.

All the while, the man was pleading to be let go so he could return to the scene of the crash. Seems he and a female were in a white Mercedes that crashed into the back of a truck. No one in the truck was hurt, but the couple inside the car took off on foot. The woman went back,  but the man kept running until he ran into Garcia.

Garcia says,  "My entire career has been running to things people run from."]

No longer wearing the badge, but still wearing the white hat. Could that be known as "the long arm of the law?"