KKK sign on fence angers neighbors

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HOUSTON, TX - They say there's no such thing as bad publicity.   But if you live in a predominantly African-American neighborhood and you're trying to get public attention for your cause, then don't spray paint KKK or white power on your fence.  Not enough attention will be the least of your problems.

Donald Burns has lived in Southeast Houston for years, except for the break he took when he went to prison, but that's another story.  He says he's been targeted by the Shamrock Manor Civic Club and the City Council with deed restriction violations, so this is his way of protesting.   "Because of deed restrictions that didn't exist", he explained.  "They took me from a yellow sign in my yard to litigation in 89 days."

Burns assures us that he's not a racist: he even has a black girlfriend, he says.

"This guy is crazy, this guy is insane and he's a racist," argues Quanell X, leader of New Black Panther Party in Houston.

Due to the backlash, Burns agreed to cover the KKK sign with more spray paint, but that didn't work either.

"If he has a problem with the African-American Civic Club, don't attack all African-American people", he expressed.

But as offensive as it may sound, the whole thing is not a crime.

"It's not a crime to do this, but there's consequences for this type of behavior," the civil rights advocate concluded.

What did he accomplish then?

"They haven't responded yet," Burns lamented.   "I'm hoping that I'm gonna get exactly what I'm hoping for: I'm hoping that I'll get me a civil rights attorney."

Too bad things have to be this way.  So, Donald having issues with race.  Where have we heard that before?

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