Youth football league punished players after parents brawl in the stands

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Some parents of a youth football league in California taught their kids a couple of valuable life lessons.

First life lesson: don’t fight other parents.

Cell phone video of a brawl between parents of the San Diego Youth Football League’s Inland Empire Ducks and Otay Broncos shows  coaches and referees trying without success to break up the melee. Cops finally showed up, but no one was arrested.

And this is where life lesson number two comes in. And that is: life is not always fair.

League officials not only suspended both teams, but they also deleted the teams from the league’s web page. It’s like they never existed.

Both teams had a good shot at the national championship.

Parents and players are petitioning the league, saying the boys should not be punished because they had nothing to do with the fight. Some parents have also filed a civil suit against the league.

Reports say the fight began when an Otay fan wouldn’t move out of the Inland seating area and asked an inland fan: what are going to do, homie?

For now, both teams and their parents are staying “homie” for the rest of the season.

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