Lone Star College students feel safe at their campus

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HOUSTON, TX - In the wake of the latest school shooting in Oregon, we remember the 2013 incident when a gunman opened fire and wounded three people at the Lone Star College Harris campus. Since the incident two years ago, the college has ramped up security.

Lone Star student Aaron Kingsberry says, "For the most part I feel safe here. they always have campus police walking around or driving."

Student Charles Gilman also echos that statement, "There's the cops right down the street. So, I feel if anything is going to happen, they'll be here in 30 seconds or less."

Students at Lone Star feel secure about their safety at school, but some say there can always be improvement.

Student Victoria Rogers says, "Security around campus, I feel is good, but you know there's always room for growth and advancement. Having more campus security actually on campus, cause I usually see them out in the parking lot."

Can campus security totally prevent an act like these school shootings? Apparently not.

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