Oregon shooting reignites gun control debate

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HOUSTON, TX - It's a cocktail that, sadly, we all know: mental disorders, isolation, resentment, lack of empathy towards other human beings and, some say, a gun too easy to get.   The story repeats itself: nine more innocent people killed by a deranged shooter; this time at a community college in Oregon.

In the aftermath of the attack, President Barack Obama said, "We've become numb to this."  The tone of his speech denoted anger and frustration for something that seems to have become a routine occurrence in our country.  "It cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun," he expressed.

So, how do we stop this madness?  With gun control laws or with more guns at schools and public places?  Ray Hunt, President of the Houston Police Officers Union opposes gun control laws; instead he believes, "The solution would be more security at these locations.  I can assure that had there been police officers in that school and around that school the chances of that person going in there and doing that are a lot slimmer."

The same old debate will continue until an effective solution is put in place.  But there's something about this latest incident and the president's emotional speech that could trigger a shift in the way ordinary citizens view the whole thing.

"I listened to the President's speech last night and, in my opinion, it was probably the most passionate speech he's ever given," said Houston resident Michael Morgan.  "In fact, I even sent an email to the White House thanking him on behalf of American citizens".

Americans are clearly fed up with these episodes of senseless violence.  Perhaps now is the time to speak from the gut.

"People that do this need to reach out to their loved ones," begged William Brown.  "People love them."

But Michael Morgan thinks differently, "If you're so mentally unstable that you want to kill other human beings, I encourage that person to jump off a bridge and just hurt themselves, and nobody else."

Some way, some how, there has to be a solution to these atrocities.  And that's something we can all agree on.


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