People not happy about Peeple app

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The internet is full of trustworthy individuals who only have encouraging things to say--said no one ever! That's why many people are freaking out over a new app called 'Peeple.'  The app's tagline is 'Character is Destiny,' but let's be blunt; it's Yelp for humans.

It lets you create a listing for a person, be that a friend, a co-worker, an ex-lover, and rate them between one and five stars. The app's founders, Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, say they created it to 'find the good in people.'

To write a review, you have to have a Facebook profile and actually know the person. Negative reviews (2-stars or less) don't get published right away. The reviewer and the reviewee get 48 hours to hash it out, but if they can't come to an understanding, the negative review gets published. The reviewee then gets a chance to defend themselves on the app.

Sound like a good idea to you?

The response online was so aggressive, the company CEO attempted to shut off the comments section of the Facebook page! One critic wrote, 'Founder of Peeple, an app designed to collect unsolicited feedback, doesn't appear to like unsolicited feedback.'

If you do get burned by a bully who doesn't know you, you can report them, and they'll get deleted.

Here's an idea: delete the app, or better yet, don't download it at all.

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