Science says everyone has a personal cloud of bacteria floating around them

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EUGENE, OR - And here's another reason why we should stay away from each other's personal space.

Remember Charlie Brown's friend Pig Pen? Well, he's not the only one leaving everybody in the dust! A new study says everyone has their own personal "Cloud of Bacteria" hanging around them at all times! According to the University of Oregon, every person is surrounded by their own microbes. Our bodies emit the airborne particles, which hover all around us and even linger around after we leave a room. What's even more gross, if you can smell someone's "B.O." chances are you're fully engulfed in their germ emissions. But guess what? It's all perfectly normal and might actually be beneficial.

Researchers studied the bacteria cloud of 11 people, and found their funk to be just as unique as their fingerprints. meaning; no one has the same cloud and people leave their own biological signature long after leaving a location. Scientists hope these findings can one day help police analyze crime scenes. These clouds can also shed light on how infectious diseases are transmitted. Guess it's true what they say, every cloud (even a bacterial one) has a silver lining.

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