Study says its harder to lose weight now than in the 1980’s

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Remember the 1980s?  Run DMC, shoulder pads and big hair? Scratch that! Trade that big hair for big bellys!

The Journal Obesity Research and clinical practice found that it's harder for adults today to maintain the same weight as they did twenty to thirty years ago!

And get this -- even with the same food and exercise plan!

"The main reason we're heavier is because of the quality of food with  animals being fed grain instead of grass," said Chad Lay, the manager at Total Nutrition.

Chad is right! Our food quality is a problem!

Americans eat more meat these days and our animal products are being treated with hormones and antibiotics. This makes the animal fat and that makes you fat.

Other main reasons in the study were that people are exposed to more weight-gain-inducing chemicals these days, especially in packaged food. Also, prescription drugs have risen dramatically since the 1970s and 1980s and many of them are linked to weight gain including anti-depressants.

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