Are proceeds from the NFL’s pink merchandise sales really helping to find a cure for breast cancer?

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HOUSTON, TX - Tickle me pink. It`s October and that means it`s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Time to 'pink up' the pompoms and add a little pink 'something or other' to your favorite football helmet. Oh yeah, and go get screened!

It`s year seven of the partnership between the National Football League and American Cancer Society. Together they educate women on the importance of being screened on a regular basis. The NFL has raised more than $8 million through the sale of pink merchandise and according to the NFL website, every single cent in proceeds goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

Trouble is, in recent years, the claim of "100% " has been questioned. Business Insider reported in 2013 that only eight percent goes to fund actual research efforts, and the rest stays with the NFL.

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