Astros win and advance in postseason

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HOUSTON- They’re in! The Astros’ “young guns” sent the “Damn Yankees” packing.

“We’re really excited they’re back in the playoffs after 10 long years” says Astros season ticket holder Abby Boyd.

Yep, it’s been a decade since the ‘Stros last postseason appearance, when the “Killer B’s” buzzed their way to the World Series.

A lot has changed since 2005 when Bill White was Houston’s mayor, and Tracy McGrady played basketball- not baseball. A Bush was in the White House, an Aggie in the governor’s mansion and a hurricane named Katrina made major waves along the Gulf Coast.

Harry Potter and his Goblet of Fire burned up the big screen. Mariah Carey was single, and singing “We Belong Together.” Tiger Woods was a GOOD golfer, and the Texans had David Carr but were looking for a GOOD quarterback.

In 2005, Lance Berkman was considered a hero- not an “anti-HERO,” the Astros were in the National League, and no one knew what to do with the Astrodome. Ha ha, guess some things don’t change.

“They’ve got a lot of young players, I think that they’ll surprise a lot of people in the playoffs. We’ve got our tickets; we’ll be there on Sunday” says Boyd.

2005 is history, and with Keuchel, Altuve, Correa and Springer… it’s a whole new ball game.

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