Craziness Caught on Cam: Drunk Dude’s Hunger Rant & Sister Smackdown

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STORRS, CT - Hunger pains are causing problems at University of Connecticut, where a rant about macaroni and cheese got a college student in big trouble. Apparently, a UConn freshman was denied service because he was drunk, and brought an open container into the student union. He was taken down by an employee, he was arrested and charge with criminal trespassing. The latest we've heard, he was expelled.

Warning some graphic language is used in video below.

Now, to a video posted on YouTube that shows two sisters fighting,  but it's no ordinary family feud! The two were caught on camera fist fighting in the middle of a group rafting trip!  They're lucky they didn't fall in to those white water rapids. Even though everyone was yelling at them to stop, the sister-sister fight went on for several minutes and got pretty brutal.

From mac attacks to sisters smackin' back, craziness caught on camera is everywhere!

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