HERO aka Proposition 1 positions

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HOUSTON, TX - With less than a month to go before the city election, there seems to be one issue still pitting Houstonians against one another and causing voters to rethink how we define 'men' and 'women.'

Houston`s Equal Rights Ordinance., Proposition 1, was originally drafted to prevent discrimination against anyone who lives or works in Houston. It's also called 'HERO' or the 'transgender bathroom bill.'

Regardless what you call it, you can`t call it "history" because it ain`t going away.

Backed by Mayor Anise Parker, if passed, it could open up women`s restrooms, locker rooms and showers to transgender men who identify as women.

Dr. Steve Riggle, Pastor at Grace Community Church say, “To that we say, no. No.”

The debate ranges from bathroom etiquette to gender rights to religious freedom and Wednesday it continued in separate corners.

Riggle says voters have to ask themselves, “Do I want men, biological males, in womens` restrooms. And if not, then you better vote no on Prop 1.”

Those opposed say it promotes reverse discrimination for people who believe in God. Those in favor, say this is not only about gender identity, and it is just what the city needs to put an end to discrimination of any kind.

“We don`t talk about rights for African-Americans,” says James M. Douglas of the NAACP. “Or rights for Mexican Americans. We talk about rights for all human beings.”

Former Councilman, and current President/CEO of the Houston Area Urban League says, “We believe in equal opportunity access for all people.”

At least one person running for mayor, Benjamin Hall, is vehemently opposed and has been speaking out against Prop one - - - from day one.

“Women need to have protection in the bathroom against sexual deviants or anyone pretending to be a female.”

Remember when the word 'hero' just meant a guy wearing tights and a cape????

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