Critter News: Hog-nosed rat, snake-head fish, and Dracula minnow

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SULAWESI, INDONESIA – The vast global resources of NewsFix have outdone themselves this time to bring you the latest on “new” critters in the news.

Dateline: Indonesia, where a curious critter that turned up in the jungle.

Scientists say they’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a rat with a hog nose. Scientists are calling it a hog-nosed rat.

Researchers at the Victoria Museum in Australia say it also has large ears, a small mouth, long, white front teeth, and hasn’t had a steady job since a supporting role in Cinderella.

Dateline: the Himalayas and a World Wildlife Federation report on the discovery of previously unknown species of living things.

Just in time for Halloween is the “Dracula Minnow”, discovered in far northern Myanmar in 2009.

Its front fangs set it off from other fish with teeth.

A fish that can eat sushi is always scary.

And speaking of scary, if not just a bit creepy, how about fish with snake heads?

Okay, they don’t have real snake heads, but they sure look like snake heads.

And, these primitive fish can live on dry land up to four days.

Want something a bit more cuddly?

How about a sneezy, snub-nosed monkey?

Why “sneezy”? Because water gets into their noses when it rains and causes them to sneeze.

That’s why they always sit around with their heads between their legs when it rains.

Researchers think fewer than 300 of them exist.

They’re classified as endangered, which means some human is going to try to hunt one down and kill it, making one less critter in the news.

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