In South Carolina, the human stories from the historic storm

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COLUMBIA, SC –Authorities found two more victims of the South Carolina flooding, bringing to at least 14 the number of people who died in the historic floods.

Relief is coming, even as dam breaches and evacuations continue. Hundreds of National Guard members are in Columbia. Their helicopters are flying over flooded areas, dropping sandbags and equipment to repair dams.

Also stepping up: residents of upstate South Carolina who are delivering donated food, water, even toys.

And speaking of deliveries, a new mother almost delivered her baby in a canoe. Tyeshenequia McLean went into labor at the height of the weekend storm. She couldn’t drive to the hospital and the ambulance couldn’t get through the flood waters.Firefighters rigged up a canoe to pull her to dry land where an ambulance took her to the hospital.

And no, the mother didn’t name the baby “Stormy.”

Flood waters in Columbia trapped George Osterheus, 86, and his dog on their way from Canada to his Florida condo.

He pulled off the highway, but he got trapped in the floodwaters. The Hall family saw him and set out to help without getting washed away.

“The only thing I had for safety was all these tree branches,” explained Tom Hall. “And I basically would grab a tree branch and I'd walk it over and grab another tree branch and I'd walk it over.”

This rescue turned out to be a family affair as wife Julie and son Brice helped bring both men to safety.

Oh, and the dog, too.

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