Brianna Jones hits quarterbacks while carrying a tune as a Class Act

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SPRING, TX - Brianna Jones had a great "icebreaker" moment with her classmates in choir at the start of the year. Asked to share something interesting, Jones told the Klein Oak class how she'd tried out and made the freshman football team.

Jones says she gets a different joy singing with the choir than she does sacking the quarterback as a defensive end, but the skills are similar.

"Both of them, you have to have extreme focus," Jones said. "With choir, you have to have focus on learning your hand signs, learning the music, figuring out notes. In football, you have to stay focused with plays, positions and the way you move your feet, how you block."

Klein Oak football coach David Smith made sure Jones could handle the physicality of football, before letting her on the team.  He says Jones passed all the tests needed during freshman camp, but he's still watching out for her.

"Her mom and I agree that we have to keep an eye on her, but she takes care of herself, she's strong," Smith said. "She's such a great person to have around, and she's tough. That joyful and tough is a heck of a combination."

While Jones plans to stay in choir throughout high school, she says she'll have to reevaluate playing football as a sophomore.  If she doesn't play football, Jones wants to join the wrestling and track and field teams.

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