Donald Trump supporter steals show

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LAS VEGAS, NV - Political rallies have a way of bringing out a candidate's passion and it can be infectious.

Exhibit A: Myriam Witcher, a very enthusiastic fan of Donald Trump in Las Vegas.

"Yes, Mr. Trump! We love you!" she yelled after Trump pulled her out of the audience.

"Is this a setup?" Trump asked her after her supportive proclamations.

"I'm Hispanic and I vote for Mr. Trump!" Witcher yelled in response.

"I've never met her before, I swear," said Trump.

The gentleman doth protest too much for some folks.

"I think it's a setup," said Cristina Clifton. "Totally."

Amalie Mantilla agreed, saying: "It was a setup and I think it was stupid of her to advertise that magazine for Trump."

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