France launches air strikes in Syria as Russian missiles fall on Iran

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RAQQA, SYRIA – France launched another round of air strikes against ISIS in Syria, the first since France started their Syrian air campaign almost two weeks ago.

Meantime, Russia continues to launch cruise missiles into Syria, but the Russians are not saying when they launched them, or who they were supposed to kill.

Syrian civil defense rescue teams known as the white helmets say Russian bombs and missiles have killed about 182 civilians since the bombing campaign began Sept. 30.

Russia has been launching cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea, a thousand miles from Syria, taking the missiles over Iran and Iraq.

Now, there’s a report that at least one of those missiles may have fallen short of Syria and landed in Iran.

Russia claims it is targeting ISIS, but the United States and other NATO countries say Russia is hitting rebel forces fighting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, some of the same rebels backed by the United States.

And a Russian jet came within 20 nautical miles of two US F-16s out of Turkey on a bombing run to Syria. Our jets got out of the way this time.

Next time could be a whole ‘nuther story.

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