Refreshed menu brings fresh flare to French-inspired L’Olivier

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HOUSTON, TX - Chef Olivier Ciesielski originally came to Houston in 1991 to learn English, but he decided to stay for much more.

Since then, Ciesielski spent more than a decade as executive chef at Tony's, and eventually decided to open his very own French-inspired restaurant and bar, L’Olivier.

"The goal we have here is to bring the flare from France here, so we take some classical dishes, and put a modern twist,” explains Ciesielski.

Ciesielski loves what he does, and his cooking is proof. Each dish is carefully thought out, beautifully prepared, and made with passion, but don't let any of that intimidate you. The L’Olivier menu has a little bit of everything. Alongside the more classical upscale dishes, guests will also find Chef’s rendition of a Vietnamese Banh Mi, or a fun autumn inspiration, like his baby pumpkins.

Ciesielski proudly prepares with the freshest ingredients, using whatever's in season, and chew on this, even his herbs come from his front porch garden, using whatever means necessary to put smiles on customers’ faces.

"Food is like colors, some people like red, some people like blue. Everybody is different, but the thing we want to give you, we want you to forget everything that happened before you came to the restaurant and we want to give you a good time,” says Ciesielski. "To work in the restaurant is hard, but it's so nice to see the smile on your face when you're leaving the restaurant. Have a great time, because that's what matters to us."



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