Roll one up! Tarp incident at ALDS grabs attention on the web

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KANSAS CITY, MO - There were  some tense moments during game one  between the Astros and the Royals....but  the tension  on the field Thursday night had nothing to do with the division game.

At the bottom of the second, with the Astros up 3-1, a light ran became a downpour and the massive tarp was pulled out between innings. But one member of the Kansas City grounds crew did not look "safe!"

High school senior Adam Wallace cried "foul" when he "slid" and was just moments away from becoming a human burrito.  The announcer pointed out that Wallace narrowly escaped a very bad situation....and it's a good thing he is in good shape.

While the Tom Hanks character in the movie "A League of Their Own" reminds a member of the all ladies team, "There's no crying n baseball!" We can point out, there is a sense of humor. "Tarp Boy" is not on the disabled list, but he is earning "extra innings" on  the Internet. His field fall even caught the eye of law enforcement. The Lexana Police  tweeted a job offer and the Clay County Sheriff agreed by tweeting, 'good call!'

Once play resumed, the 'Stros gave up another run...but that was it. George Springer had a solo homer in the fifth and Colby Rasmus had one in the eighth. Final score: Astros - 5, Royals - 2.

As for Tarp Boy?  He`s still on the grounds crew roster....but looking to become a free agent!

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