Deer does damage at mall

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SHORT PUMP, VA - Sometimes a simple trip to the store becomes a lot more than you planned for. You don't have to tell that to shoppers at a mall outside Richmond, Virginia. This week, a deer dropped by to do some shopping of its own.

First, the deer jumped around the parking lot a bit, damaging cars and scaring onlookers. Erik Eckard said, "The next thing I knew, it started approaching me.  So, I hid behind our van over here.  And then, he managed to jump and land on my windshield.  He didn't bother to run around the car."

Then things got heated as the deer tried to jump through a store window. That is when animal control finally caught up and subdued the animal. Sadly, the deer died during the incident.

But it's a heck of a way to go: One final shopping spree for the ages.