Jailhouse video shows deputy using a Taser on a restrained prisoner’s groin

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SAVANNAH, GA – Authorities have released videos showing the events that preceded the death of an inmate in a Chatham County, Georgia jail.

One video shows a sheriff’s deputy using a Taser on the groin of 21-year Matthew Ajibade who was strapped to a restraint chair at the time.

The deputy, Cpl. Jason Kenny, told a Savannah court he used the Taser four times to get Ajibade to comply with orders.

Ajibade died alone in his cell not lot long after this incident.

Deputies arrested Ajibade after a New Year’s Day domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

In the jailhouse video, Ajibade appears to fight against deputies.  His family says he was bi-polar and was experiencing a medical episode.

Several deputies struggled to subdue him, with one of them apparently using a Taser. When that didn’t work, one deputy uses a old-fashion fist to the head, at least twice.

Ajibade stopped struggling and appears to be unconscious as deputies carried him to a cell.

Kenny and deputy Maxine Evans were fired and face charges of involuntary manslaughter. Kenny is also charged with aggravated assault and cruelty to an inmate.

Seven other deputies also got the axe.

An autopsy showed Ajibade died from blunt force trauma.

The medical examiner apparently could not determine if a total of 200,000 volts to the testicles contributed to his death.

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