Man lost in Australian wilderness survives on black ants, but no water

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WESTERN AUSTRALIA – As any experienced wanderer of the Australian Outback knows, there’s always something to eat: goanna, yams, grubs, and sugar ants are good, too.

And that knowledge may have kept Reg Foggerdy alive for six days without food and water. Foggerty was hunting one of the feral camels that roam Western Australia when he became disoriented and got lost.

Western Australia police launched a massive land and air search. They found him extremely dehydrated, a bit delusional, but otherwise doing pretty much okay.

Survival experts say Foggerdy is one lucky guy. Temperatures in the region get above 90 degrees. Kinda like around the Gulf Coast. But unlike the Gulf, there’s very little water, and even less food.

But there are black ants. And that’s what Foggerdy dined on during the last couple of days. Sitting under a tree and eating exotic native food would normally be a pretty good gig.

Next time, ol’ Anteater Foggerdy may want to take along a blond and some canned food.

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