Will Cyber Monday Jordans put an end to sneaker violence?

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BEAVERTON, OR-- What makes Michael Jordan the greatest of all time? As Spike Lee's character Mars Blackmon said in those classic Jordan Nike ads, "It's gotta be the shoes."

That's debatable, but there's no doubt the shoes made him rich!

Playing 15 years in the NBA, Jordan raked in $94 million. But just last year alone, his Nike Air Jordans brought in a cool $100 million, according to PBS.

Now, the G-O-A-T (greatest of all time) may be switching up the play. He has been dropping a new shoe every Black Friday for a while now, but this year expect another shoe to drop on November 30, Cyber Monday.

Folks are predicting the new Cyber Monday Air Jordan 1's, retro black leather high tops with white soles, could be an online exclusive, probably turning the $160 bad boys into big-time clickbait.

Will this mean the end to those long lines and fights at shoe release events? Dazie Williams hopes so. She lost her son Joshua two years ago when he was killed for the Jordans he had just bought at Willowbrook Mall. And his case is far from isolated.

"I'm not asking people to not wear these shoes anymore," says Williams. "What I'm stressing is to make awareness on how they're released and how many the retailers get."

This possible cyber-only release is a good first step toward slowing shoe-related violence across the country. If Nike and MJ start making Air Jordans more available, as Williams suggests, maybe they can put an end to all the shoe violence once and for all.

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