Woman uses Periscope to share her night of drinking and driving

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LAKELAND, FL – You don’t really need a calculator to figure out how many kinds of dumb there are in the world. Well, OK, maybe you do. But one kind is the person who gets drunk and uses Periscope while it’s happening, live and in living color.

Whitney Beal, Mrs. Beal’s baby girl, decided to get hammered and share it on Periscope.

"I am really drunk. I am . . . phhhhhh.”

Lakeland, FL, cops say some of her 57 viewers turned her by calling 9-1-1.

That’s about the time a Lakeland police officer loaded the Periscope app on his personal phone, and launched the hunt for Whitney.

Beal tooled around town wasted quite a while before a cop found her.

She blew a tire when she pulled over.

She blew off a breathalyzer test, and failed a field sobriety test.

Her attorney says she’ll plead not guilty to the charge of driving under the influence.

So far, there’s no law against being drunk on social media, thankfully, otherwise, she’d be guilty as charged.

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