Giant ocean sunfish makes for one big fish story

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SOMEWHERE OFF THE PORTUGAL COAST – Once again, NewsFix searches land, sea, and air to bring you the latest in critter news.

Dateline: the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere off the coast of Portugal. Divers got some pretty nifty video of gigantic ocean sunfish.

These babies aren’t your regular ol’ big fish. They can get up to 12 feet long and can be 15 feet from top to bottom.

The ocean sunfish is also known as a mola mola. And, it’s the world’s largest bony fish.

What about sharks and giant rays? Well, what about ‘em?

They don’t have bones. They have cartilage.

They can weigh as much as 5,000 pounds. That’s 2.5 tons.

And their mouths never close, which gives them that strange Deliverance hillbilly look.

The ocean sunfish is a slow mover with no teeth, but lots of meat, kinda like fat people running from zombies.

We don’t see images like this very often because these big fish usually stay in areas of the ocean where humans don’t dive.

And they really try to stay away from folks who will kill them and sell them to the Japanese who consider sunfish a delicacy.

That would be one humongous sushi, wouldn’t it?