ISIS hacker arrested in Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Federal authorities a nabbed man from Kosovo they say hacked into a U.S. server and made off with private and identifiable information on more than 1,300 military personnel and government officials.

Malaysian authorities picked up Ardit Ferizi last month on a provisional warrant.

U.S. officials say Ferizi does his hacking from Malaysia.

The Justice Department says Ferizi gave the information to several ISIS thugs.

That information then showed up in August on a site run by an outfit called the Islamic State Hacking Division. The information included photos and home addresses of military personnel.

Federal investigators say Ferizi gave the stolen information to British hacker Junaid Hussein, a guy who used social media to recruit westerners for ISIS.

But he’s not doing that any more, not after an air strike in Syria took him out shortly after the stolen data went online.

That’s right. The information goes online and he goes offline, permanently.

His death and the arrest of Ferizi the hacker give our troops a little relief, and two more guys that aren’t out to kill them and their families.