Phobia Haunted House scrambling to find a new home for Halloween

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HOUSTON - Phobia Haunted House has been bringing terror to Houstonians for almost two decades, but now they're forced to try and find a new home after the state board of trasportation told them they needed to move for the expansion of  highway 290.

Moving a haunted house is not as easy as packing the cobwebs and getting a moving truck.

Phobia art director Ryan Manes says, "The most challenging part of this move by far has been the red tape involved in getting this new place built. It was kind of depressing because we had built so much there. We had been there  for 17 years. It takes a lot of planning to get the new place ready so we just had to hit ground running. We usually start preparing for Phobia season in mid summer and early July."

Despite all the problems, they feel they'll be ready to put the scare into Houstonians this Halloween season. For more on this week's Inside Story, check out Houstonia.