Swat standoff lasts hours so couple can finish having sex

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JACKSONVILLE, FL - Whoever said romance is dead has not heard about a pair of lovebirds in Jacksonville, Florida. Leanne Hunn, 30, chose sex over surrender and prolonged a SWAT team standoff for a quick roll in the sheets with Ryan Bautista, 34.

Bautista was wanted on several warrants, including armed robbery, and the two were holed up in a mobile home when police came knocking after receiving a tip.

At one point, two other women left the trailer saying they had been attending a birthday party. Meanwhile, the love starved couple managed to stave off arrest during a six and half hour standoff before being taken into custody.

Hunn told authorities she would surrender, but only after having sex with her beau one last time.

Now, that's what you call going out with a bang.