TSU students sound off on campus safety

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HOUSTON - A week after Brent Randall was shot and killed at off-campus housing at Texas Southern University, police have finally identified a suspect. Jartis Leon Leblanc, Jr., 22, is charged with murder. His bail set at $50,000, but he has yet to be arrested.

Police say the October 9 shooting that killed one and wounded another was gang-related, possibly in retaliation for a shooting the night before over a bet made on a basketball game.

Jartis Leon Leblanc

Jartis Leon Leblanc, Jr., 22, is the suspect wanted for October 9 shooting that killed Brent Randall.

Classes resumed Monday, but students are still on edge over the shootings, many showing up to Friday's board of regents meeting to express their concerns about campus safety.

"As a student, I don't feel safe," said Nikki Luellen, "I walked around campus and there are 49 lights that do not work."

"You told me the other day that you have solar lights on the walkways, Mr. President," said James Clark, "The vast majority of those lights do not work."

"The reality of the situation is, you're losing students," said Adriana Boyd-Lewis,"They don't want to have to go to school and feel like they may get shot walking to a classroom."

"If the needs of the students came first, it would not take at least four campus shootings and two young people losing their lives for there to be a boost in security," said Kaleb Taylor.

"#takebacktxsu will not leave until every student's need is met," said Christina Letsinger, founder of the #takebacktxsu movement, "You can't ignore it anymore."

Meanwhile, the board of regents elected a new chair, Derrick Mitchell.

"I want to help take back TSU, but take it back from the criminals," said Mitchell, "Take it back from those who aren't responsible around this university."

Clearly, there's a lot of work to be done at TSU.