University of Texas beloved mascot Bevo passes during the night

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AUSTIN, TX -  If the University of Texas fan in your life looks a little depressed, it`s not solely because their football team`s record is 2 - 4. UT announced that their beloved mascot Bevo XIV had passed away in his sleep.

Bevo had just recently been diagnosed with bovine leukemia.

Governor Greg Abbott shared his condolences on twitter with the message “May Bevo rest in peace... Thanks for going out in style against OU.” - referencing their win over Oklahoma last week.

Old rivalries be damned, even the Aggies sent out their condolences to UT, adding “…there`s something truly special about the service mascots give to their beloved universities.”

The Aggies` own live mascot Reveille, the k-9 escorted by the Corps, has it`s own long-standing traditions, which have in the past included being buried at Kyle Field.

Our own University of Houston used to host their own cougar on campus, “Shasta,” until 1989 when the animal passed from kidney failure. Probably not always the safest of animals to care for on campus, now their Shasta resides at the Houston zoo.

The average lifespan of a steer is 15 years, so prior to his diagnosis, it was expected Bevo had a few more seasons left.   Baylor`s own Judge Lady and Judge Joy, both North American Black Bears, are both getting up there at 13 and 14 years old. And 7-year-old Tom from Memphis and 10-year-old Mike from LSU are sill in their prime as far as tigers go.

The search for Bevo XV starts immediately, but to XIV - thanks for 12 great years. Some records were better than others, but you hooked it through the good and the bad.