Six workers rescued after scaffolding collapses near Minute Maid Park

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Six construction workers were pulled out of a pile of mangled metal after eight stories of scaffolding came crashing down at a building near Minute Maid Park.

One witness to the event says, "The scaffolding collapsed and we managed to run away fast."

Father Paul Felix wiht Annunciation Catholic Church says, "I saw a very large plume of dust come over the area. As I was walking closer down the sidewalk by the church, I realized something bad had happened."

Witnesses jumped in action pulling victims from the catastrophic collapse on Crawford Street.

Julio Zavala, another witness, adds,  "That's when I saw the guy with all the pipes on him. His head was bleeding, so I had to drag him out. "

HFD Captain Roy Lozano says, "Even those who were trying to flee became victims of the collapse."

The Houston Fire Department says of the six people rescued, none had lie-threatening injuries.

Zavala says, "They come to work one day and the next thing they know, this happens."

The next step for first responders will be to search for the part of scaffolding that was still intact.

Captain Lozano says,  "We're utilizing technology on the ground to monitor movement and we've created a collapse zone to minimize any risk if it does collapse... Right now we're in danger of a second collapse, which is not just probable, but highly likely."

What is inevitable now is the investigation to find out how something like this could happen and put so many lives at risk.


HOUSTON - Houston firefighters have responded to a scaffolding collapse at an apartment complex at 300 Crawford at Congress.

Six construction workers have been transported to near-by hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

Units arrived on scene within three minutes. HFD currently has more than 30 units on scene including several heavy rescue units.

The Houston Fire Department are rescuing workers but it is not known how many people are injured.