Parents sue after Michigan deputy cleared in killing of their son

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CHARLOTTE, MI – A Michigan mother and father say a deputy sheriff illegally shot and killed their 17-year-old son during a traffic stop in February.

Now they’re seeking Justice for Deven and they are suing the deputy and East Eaton County to get it.

It all started as Deven Guilford was on his way to visit his girlfriend after a church basketball game.

Deputy Jonathan Frost stopped him for flashing his headlights at the deputy. But instead of cooperating, Guilford argued.

Frost: “Driver’s license, registration, proof of insurance, pleases. I did not have them on. Driver’s license, registration, proof of insurance, please.”

Guilford: “I don’t even know you’re an officer.”

Frost asked several times for Guilford’s license, but Guilford refused to comply. At one point, Guilford started recording the stop on his cell phone. Guilford also continued to explain that he flashed his brights as a courtesy to tell the deputy that his lights were on.

When Guilford starts to make a phone call, Frost ordered him out of the car.

Deputy Frost kicked away the cell phone and ordered Guilford to put his hands behind his back, telling him that he was under arrest. He then Tased Guilford, but he was too close to be effective. Then, gunshots.

Deputy Frost says Guilford attacked him, hitting him several times with his fists. A frame-by-frame review of the incident appears to back up the deputy’s statement.

Body-cam video shows a bleeding frost before paramedics clean him up.

The East Eaton County prosecutor cleared Frost, noting Guilford had traces of marijuana in his system. The sheriff’s department also cleared the deputy.

According to the federal lawsuit filed by Guilford’s parents, Frost stopped two other drivers who also flashed their headlights to warn him about his. None of them died, and that’s why they want a federal court jury to decide if there should be Justice for Deven.